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Embedded Elm

December, 2017

Bob is a lackadaisical teenager. In conversation, his responses are very limited.

I’ve been interested in dipping my toes into the Elm language for some time and curious about whether it was possible / reasonable to integrate something written in Elm into the Cobalt tooling used to generate this blog. Bob is the evidence that it’s possible. He’s an implementation of the Bob in Elm exercise from exercism.io (source available here, don’t look if you don’t want it spoiled!).

Major points to Cobalt because integration was pretty trivial. After generating the JavaScript (elm-make Bob.elm --output=some-filename.js), it can be embedded in the raw HTML of a post’s .liquid file like any other .js file. Or almost. The HTML + Elm was accomplished as follows:

<div id="elm"></div>
    <script src="/assets/2017/embedded-elm.js"></script>
        var node = document.getElementById('elm');
        var app = Elm.Bob.embed(node);

Learning enough Elm to make something happen was the difficulty. I love language learning tooling like exercism.io so started there. Dusting off the functional programming brain was much less painful using their examples and I’m a total sucker for getting tests to pass.

Next was asking for help, something I’m trying to get better at. While the compiler and documentation are really helpful, it’s sometimes worth admitting that learning from someone who’s been through it already is invaluable. The freeCodeCamp mantra Read, Search, (Don’t Be Afraid to) Ask has influeced me in that. @CrockAgile, a friend who had been through some of the learning process provided some really great guidance in sorting out the implementation details I’d been unable to glean from the first couple exercism.io exercises. Things like the following code block that I can’t say I fully grok so am likely to revisit for any future Elm application I write.

type Msg
    = NewInput String
    | Said

type alias Model =
    ( String, String )

main : Program Never Model Msg
main =
        { init = ( ( "", "" ), .html.none )
        , view = view
        , update = update
        , subscriptions = (\x -> Sub.none)

So check out the source and experiment with Bob if you’re interested in Elm too. If you’re someone with experience and have suggestions on implementation, or you’re a beginner like me with questions, feel to reach out at hello@shnewto.dev.